A-Level and GCSE Certificate Collection

Calling all Ex-Yateley School students!
If you have not collected your certificates from your GCSE or A level qualifications in the last 15 years then please give Yateley School a call on our certificate line: 01252 746928 to check that we have them on file and arrange to collect them.
If you took your A levels/left Sixth Form in Summer 2019 please call on 01252 746940 and arrange to collect from Mrs Karen Ellis.
You will be asked for your Legal surname at the time you took your exams, Date of Birth and the year you left school when you call. Unfortunately if we do not still hold your certificates we cannot supply copies, you will need to contact the Examination boards direct.
Any certificates over 2 year’s old not collected by 22nd July 2020 will be destroyed as we no longer have space to store them.

Exam Contingency Day: 24th June 2020

In order to help both parents and students plan for the exams of Summer 2020 and beyond, we need to make you aware of some important information issued by the Examining bodies and JCQ (The Joint Council for Qualifications).

During the latter part of April 2020 students with GCSE and A level exams will be issued with personalised timetables showing the dates, times, rooms and durations of all of their formal written exams, which start mid-May and continue into June. Practical or controlled assessment and exams for subjects such as Art and Languages will not appear on their personalised timetable, students will be notified by their subject teachers when and where these will take place.

For the exams in Summer 2020, the Exam Awarding bodies and JCQ have arranged a contingency day for “GCSE and/or GCE examinations, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the June 2020 examination series”.

Following the tragic events of recent years, namely the Manchester attacks and the Grenfell Tower Fire,  JCQ have decided that there needs to be an option whereby an exam can be postponed in the event of an incident and rearranged for a later date to allow all students a fair and equal chance.


The designated Contingency Day for 2020 is

Wednesday 24 June 2020.


This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams up to, and including, Wednesday 24 June 2020, even if their timetable indicates their last exam is much earlier.  This decision is not a school decision and applies to all candidates in all schools nationwide.


Please make a note of this important date as should it be needed the expectation is that students will be present for the rearranged exam. The school is unable to apply to the Exam boards for consideration if a student is absent for a rearranged exam on the contingency day as a result of being on holiday for example.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.



Open Evening 2019

Once again we threw our doors open to welcome parents and Y5/Y6 students at our Open Evening 2019! And what a group we welcomed… discerning, explorative and excited. It was an evening to cherish as we welcomed over 300 families to see the school and find out a little bit more about what Yateley had to offer.

On the evening our guests heard from the headteacher and saw our departments in action as well as collecting our latest prospectus and further details on how to apply to join us as the class of 2020.

As always, if you still have questions please get in contact or visit us at one of our Open Mornings on Tuesday 8 October or Wednesday 9 October.

Open Evening – 01 October 2019

Bubbling with anticipation at our upcoming Open Evening for prospective Y5 and Y6 students (and their parents!). Join us at Yateley School from 6.15pm onwards on Tuesday 1 October 2019 to find out more about the school.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry! Just get in contact with our admin team and we would be delighted to host you at a time better suited to your needs.

Job Opportunity – Clerk to the Governors

Do you have or do you know someone with minute taking and administrative experience? Yateley School is looking for a Clerk to the Governing Body who can support us in achieving excellence in Governance. Job details and how to apply can be found via the link below:

thumbnail of Clerk Advert

GCSE Week Ahead #4 – Monday 10 June – Friday 14 June

The end is near! Please see below for the final GCSE Week Ahead plans, there is a lot of detail in them and a lot of opportunity to boost your grades.

Important details:

  1. There is a significant amount of study leave in the final week which means students are not required to attend when shown and that normal timetabled lessons are NOT running during these times. If you are unable to arrange pickups or drop-offs please rest assured that students can always use the library during school hours where “study morning/afternoon” is shown.
  2. Monday 10 June is very “Maths-heavy” because we know so much more about what will be on the final paper (based on what has come previously). We will teach that specific exam content on the Monday 10 June… please don’t miss this as it can make all the difference!
  3. Our Leavers’ Assembly is after the Physics exam on Friday 14 June during P3+P4 and students will depart at lunchtime.
    1. Students studying PM Further Maths can choose to miss Leavers’ Assembly and instead attend Further Maths lessons P3+P4 before their exam.
    2. You must not be wearing a signed shirt if you are in the PM Further Maths exam as you will not be allowed entry to the exam hall… please bring a spare shirt if you need one!

thumbnail of GCSE Week ahead – Monday 10 June – Friday 14 June

GCSE Week Ahead #3 – Monday 03 June – Friday 07 June

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t stop crying at the Oscars? That’s how I feel when speaking about how well our Y11s are doing so far in these exams! We are impossibly proud of them at the moment – such determination and strength together. This is GCSE Week Ahead #3 and we are more than halfway there, although it is without a doubt the hardest exam week. Well done everyone! Any questions or help required please do get in contact with me by emailing: peter.hill@yateley.hants.sch.uk.


thumbnail of GCSE Week ahead – Monday 03 June – Friday 07 June

GCSE Week Ahead #2 – Monday 20 May to Friday 24 May 2019

BOOOOOM: It is week #2! See these GCSEs really shouldn’t have you running scared, put in the effort now and reap the rewards later! Here is our GCSE Week Ahead for next week (20 May to 24 May) so study it carefully and choose wisely… it’s all here to help you!

thumbnail of GCSE Week ahead – Monday 20 May – Friday 24 May