Job Opportunity – Clerk to the Governors

Do you have or do you know someone with minute taking and administrative experience? Yateley School is looking for a Clerk to the Governing Body who can support us in achieving excellence in Governance. Job details and how to apply can be found via the link below:

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GCSE Week Ahead #4 – Monday 10 June – Friday 14 June

The end is near! Please see below for the final GCSE Week Ahead plans, there is a lot of detail in them and a lot of opportunity to boost your grades.

Important details:

  1. There is a significant amount of study leave in the final week which means students are not required to attend when shown and that normal timetabled lessons are NOT running during these times. If you are unable to arrange pickups or drop-offs please rest assured that students can always use the library during school hours where “study morning/afternoon” is shown.
  2. Monday 10 June is very “Maths-heavy” because we know so much more about what will be on the final paper (based on what has come previously). We will teach that specific exam content on the Monday 10 June… please don’t miss this as it can make all the difference!
  3. Our Leavers’ Assembly is after the Physics exam on Friday 14 June during P3+P4 and students will depart at lunchtime.
    1. Students studying PM Further Maths can choose to miss Leavers’ Assembly and instead attend Further Maths lessons P3+P4 before their exam.
    2. You must not be wearing a signed shirt if you are in the PM Further Maths exam as you will not be allowed entry to the exam hall… please bring a spare shirt if you need one!

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