This is how to do it…

Hi, my name is Pimer and a few weeks ago I started year 7 here at Yateley School. At first I was a bit scared about making friends, the homework and the different types of discipline but all of the staff and the prefects were really lovely and they helped to show me around and encourage me to join in with lots of house and main school events. Now I have made lots of new friends and I am in house drama and the main school production Bugsy Malone would like to thank: My form tutors Mrs Park and Mrs Carson, The two Nightingale prefects Georgia and Lauren and finally my head of house Mrs Short and Mrs Goldwater for all helping me and my form to settle into school life here at Yateley School.

Pimer Thuambe – 7NN

My view of getting started at Yateley School

When I arrived at Yateley school I was nervous. But I soon got used to it and found myself making new friends! I have had a little bump with SEN.CO but that was sorted with no problem! Yateley school has been very welcoming and I have no problem with getting lost, which I thought I would… but have been getting used to it just fine!!

Chloe Hickey – 7WN

Year 7 – Getting started!

In my opinion, I think my time at Yateley is going great so far. I haven’t gotten lost, had any behavior points or detentions! One thing I think could improve is that a girls football club could be introduced, well, re-introduced for us to play in. I think that the new teachers are doing well and I am really enjoying myself. My favourite bit of the school (so far) is Food and Design Technology.

Sophie-Ella Tzanetis – 7DN

Getting Facebook!

Naturally we are plowing ahead with adoption of “new” technologies at Yateley School and a mere 13 years after their inauguration we now have a Facebook Page! Creating it took me back to the glory days and an opportunity to reminisce about our 2014 Twitter account that we nailed just eight years late…

So please do join us if you have a Facebook account, we’d love you to “Like” the school and see a little more about what we do at If you don’t like the school for any reason then please do contact us… we want to make everyone proud to wear the badge! See you soon on social media!

GCSE Results 2017

Below you will see our Year 11 Grades as A*-U, 1-9 and BTEC. Our initial Progress 8 score from the DfE places us above the national average at +0.03, which means that we display positive progress for 3 years running compared to national averages! Well done to all staff and students involved! Please click any thumbnail for a full breakdown of that category.

thumbnail of BTEC Results 2017 – Grades P-M-D thumbnail of GCSE Results 2017 – Grades 1-9 thumbnail of GCSE Results 2017 – Grades A-U

AS/A2 Level Results 2017

We are delighted to share with you our 2017 AS and A-Level Results for 2017. These were our best results since 2011 at KS5 and we are delighted that so many of our students in Year 12 and Year 13 were able to achieve so highly! Well done to all involved, so much hard work went into achieving these superb results! 74 of our Y13 students got their first or second choice and we wish them well in the adventures ahead.

thumbnail of A2 Results 2017 – Final thumbnail of AS Results 2017 – Final