Vision and Values

Learning together – Empowered for life

Our mission is for Yateley School to be the pride of the community it serves, with exceptional progress for all, expert teaching and a curriculum fit for the future. Our school community will be confident, fulfilled and with consistently outstanding attitudes to learning.

Yateley School exists to provide an excellent quality of education for the entire community that it serves; advancing education, learning and opportunity for the public benefit. Our school enables young people to understand, challenge and improve the world in which they live; to value their culture and accept those of others. Yateley School strives to develop responsible young adults who have the resilience and commitment to lead fulfilled lives and contribute positively to their society and to the environment.

Centre of Excellence

Our school is a proud and accomplished centre of excellence


Our school is exciting and engaging – it is a dynamic place to learn


Our school is a place where confidence and ambition are built


Our school is a place where every individual is valued, challenged and trusted make great teams. Everyone is significant, everyone has value and everyone has purpose


Our school is an inclusive community where values are lived and where relationships are nurtured


Our school is a compassionate community which notices and cares – where wellbeing matters;


Our school is a responsible community that values our environment and is committed to a sustainable future


Our school is a team with a passion to deliver our best and a resolve to be our best

Enjoys and Achieves

Our school is where success is counted in enjoyment and happiness as well as unrivalled progress and achievement

We serve to grow the confident, articulate and intellectually curious young people who are the responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. We commit and work hard, knowing that genuine accomplishment is the combination of both perseverance and talent.

This is a school with a culture of high expectations and where great things happen. Change is welcomed and driven with clarity and simplicity. A culture of trust, respect and boundless ambition is delivered with unstoppable passion, pride and commitment.

Our Learning Values

Our Behavioural Values

thumbnail of ACT Poster

Our Learning Values are captured by our Ambitious, Curious and Tenacious (ACT) philosophy to learning.

Ambition: We believe that everyone can play a significant role in identifying, nurturing and developing ambition. We must create an environment that supports driven individuals, and encourages others to join them in wondering what can be achieved.

Curiosity: A good question can open minds, shift paradigms and force the uncomfortable. We can help create thinkers. We believe that it is more important for our students to ask their own great questions – and more critically, their willingness to do so and seek answers.

Tenacity: Staff and students will persist more when they are treated fairly and with respect, whilst understanding that life is often challenging. Collectively, we will show tenacity in pursuit of personal excellence and we will set high expectations of what we can achieve together.

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Our Positive Behaviour values are captured by the principles of being Ready, Respectful and Safe.

Ready: It is important that we are always ready for the day ahead and the learning possibilities. This begins each day by arriving on time and correctly equipped. It then flows into having a positive mindset and attitude in all learning opportunities to enable us to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Respectful: A key quality for everyone is to show respect. We must be supportive and listen to others, follow expectations and guidance and respect other people’s property within the school and community. Being respectful will creative a calm and positive place of work and study.

Safe: We encourage everyone to be safe in all that they do within school and community. This includes being safe in physical interactions, looking after ourselves and others and being aware of how to use online resources like the Internet and social media appropriately.