Yateley Educational Trust

Yateley Educational Trust improves the school experience for students by providing those extra resources

What is YET?

YET is a charity with the aim of advancing the education of the students of Yateley School, providing resources or facilities which are not normally provided by Hampshire County Council. In these times of severe budget constraints the contribution by YET has provided significant support to the school and its students

What has YET recently authorised funding for?

  • Provision of materials for Year 7 STEM day
  • Refurbishment of school toilets
  • Wireless network throughout the school, including the sixth form area
  • Software for student access to the wireless network
  • Reader pens for Learning Support
  • Three sets of seating in the school grounds
  • Projection equipment for the main hall

Where does YET get its money from?

Generous parents make a monthly donation by standing order. And if you pay UK tax you can gift aid your donation so that donations are then increased by the Government through the Gift Aid scheme. For example, a £10 donation becomes £12 for the school.

Can I contribute?

We welcome all contributions. Download a form below or ask at the School Reception.

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Who decides how the money is spent?

The Trust comprises parents, staff, the headteacher and ex-governors of the school. The board meets regularly to approve requests for funding from school departments and management for a particular project. The more parents paying a monthly direct debit the more requests can be met!

Can my child make suggestions for YET funding?

If a student has a good idea, ask them to report it to the School Council. Some project ideas in the past have come from the School Council.

Currently, YET project hopes to provide funding for the school to upgrade the students’ changing facilities in the sports area and to improve sports facilities. Help YET provide this funding by signing up today.