Yateley School prides itself on being a caring and inclusive community with a highly experienced, competent and effective pastoral team. The house system which consists of tutor groups from all year groups enables students to feel part of a family and have a sense of belonging. Our four houses are Darwin, Pankhurst, Nightingale and Wilberforce, each with their own unique identity and ethos (outlined in the image carousel at the bottom of this page).

When students join Yateley School, they are placed in a tutor group with a form tutor who will usually remain with them during their time at the School.  Tutor groups are organised along mixed-ability lines and every effort is made to take account of friendship groups and advice from the Junior/Primary Schools in the placing of students.


We recognise the need for each student to be part of a caring tutor group and house where each child is known individually. Tutor groups meet with their form tutor once a day in the afternoon.  These daily sessions allow the tutors to support their tutees and also educate them. Areas which are covered include monitoring student’s attendance, behaviour and achievement; safeguarding sessions; reading; careers; study skills; national and local themes; charity; etc.


Students will also have an assembly once a week with one week being as their year group and the other week as their house. These assemblies are normally focused around national or local themes; house ethos building; student achievements; student committees and leaderships; etc.


The house system encourages students to part in extra curriculum events, house events and competitions, and charity events. We also have a Student Committee structure where students are encouraged to be tutor group representatives (more details can be found on the Student Committee section of our website).  A huge part of the house system allows staff to praise and acknowledge student achievements and success via house points and then various certificates and badges being issued based on house point thresholds throughout the year.


The house team is made of 4 Heads of House, 2 Assistant Heads of House, around 40 Tutors, a Behaviour Manager, a Transition Manager, a Special Education Needs Co-ordinator, a School Nurse and 2 School Counsellors.  Further details on the four houses can be found using the image carousel below.

Our Four Houses

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The House system also allows for competition and co-operation in sporting, dramatic, musical, social and charitable activities.


Each house has its own colour and house affiliation is shown by a coloured stripe – green, red, yellow and blue on our sweaters. The four houses are:


It is intended that siblings within a family will be in the same House to enable effective liaison between school and home.