Curriculum Overview

“Learning together – Empowered for life”

Curriculum Beliefs, Vision, Mission & Values

Beliefs: We believe in pursuing exceptional progress for all members of our school with tenacity and passion, irrespective of their background or stage of their journey. Curiosity and the ambition to improve sit at the heart of all our actions.

Vision: Students will leave Yateley School having made exceptional personal and academic progress, validated by excellent exam results and a lifelong ambition to continue improving, long after they have left us. Students will develop ambitious academic and career pathways, having been challenged by a forward-thinking and dynamic curriculum to prepare them for success in modern Britain.

Mission: We will deliver a broad and engaging curriculum offer that is ambitious for our learners throughout their Yateley journey. Learning at Yateley School will be logically sequenced – with purposeful assessment and impactful feedback – that supports everyone to progress rapidly.

Values: We wish to enhance our students’ cultural capital and place high emphasis on the importance of their personal, social, health and economic wellbeing. Enjoyment and personal happiness cannot be understated, but we also believe we must teach the resilience and tenacity required to achieve ambitious goals. Our learning environment focuses on challenge and problem-solving, all based on rich knowledge and a continued appreciation of both the written and spoken word.

Our full curriculum policy can be found on our policies page.

Our Curriculum Structure

The school day provides the vehicle for Yateley School’s Vision, Mission and Intent to be implemented. From September 2022 onwards the school operates a 75-minute lesson format, delivered over four lessons per day, outlined below. We continue to operate a two week timetable.

Period 10845-1000
Period 21000-1115
Period 31135-1250
Tutor Time1335-1355
Period 41355-1510
After school enrichment1510-Finish

ACT – Our Learning Values

At Yateley School we have developed the “Ambitious, Curious, Tenacious” (A.C.T) learning values with phased implementation from May 2021 to support us in developing these characteristics within all members of our school community. We consider A.C.T as an approach to personal development for all our students, teachers and support staff and governors, and not just students.