Enrichment at Yateley School

Yateley School is committed to providing exceptional extracurricular opportunities, for our students across all year groups. This encompasses a wide variety of house events, school events, sports, societies, domestic and international trips and plenty of activities.

We ask our students to register their attendance to clubs, societies and school events as it allows us to complete our enrichment report and consider how to widen participation where needed.

Enrichment Report - 2023

Throughout 2022 we have been keen to ensure that all students (irrespective of background) not only have the opportunity to participate in the 60+ extra curricular activities that we offer at Yateley School but also that they also take up such opportunities.

As a result of this, we asked all students across the school to complete an extra-curricular participation survey, building on the fantastic work from our PE department who have conducted similar surveys over the past three years.

The purpose of the survey was not only to assess current levels of participation, but to also consider a number of actions that we can implement to ‘level the playing field’ in terms of participation rates; ensuring that students with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and students who are Pupil Premium are accessing these opportunities.

Our report and actions for 2023-24 can be viewed online via our Enrichment Report 2023 (right).

thumbnail of 2022-23 Full Enrichment Report

Enrichment Report (Sports)

We have trialled a successful electronic registration system this over the past year in Physical Education; including all Sports and Clubs. Our 2021-2022 Sports Report can now be viewed/downloaded by clicking the link on the right.

Due to the success of our electronic registration system it is now being implemented across all of Yateley School to monitor engagement in our enrichment activities, due to be reported here in 2023!

thumbnail of Sports Report – 2022