Having IT access in the classroom for all students means that teachers can do so much more in their lessons.  Teachers can now further encourage students’ independent learning by providing interactive lessons which allow the sharing of digital resources.

BYOD Brochure

You can now purchase a device through our partner freedomtech – Please take a look at the brochure to find all the information you’ll need.

BYOD Brochure 2024


For the purposes of BYOD, ‘Device’ means privately owned wireless enabled laptop, tablet computing device, netbook, notebook, or iPad (or similar).  It does not include cell phones or game devices.

Classroom Policy

GREEN Students are free to use devices. AMBER Lids of laptops must be down or tablets face down on the desk and students must focus on the teacher. RED Devices will not be used and should stay in students’ bags.


Students must use devices in lessons as directed by their teacher. Use of the devices during the school day is at the discretion of teachers and staff.  In class, teachers will say when BYOD usage is permitted.


BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device.  We firmly believe that if students can bring their own device to school, it will increase their access to ICT, allow greater personalisation of learning and increase self-directed learning.


Not all devices are suitable for various reasons. Some will not work on our wireless network and mobile phones do not have large enough screens or separate keyboards. Please see the guidance / policy below for more information before purchasing.