Welcome to the Governors’ area

As Governors of Yateley School, we have a responsibility to make sure the students are getting the best all-round education possible. We do this by looking at results and outcomes, by asking questions, by talking to staff, parents and students and by visiting the school. We can then legitimately challenge the school to do better in areas which are not performing as strongly as they could be. We can also celebrate the things the school is doing really well.


A number of key initiatives are in place which include:

  • A strengthened behavioural policy, with a zero tolerance approach to low-level disruption, enforced by measures such as greater use of behaviour points but also a strengthening of house points that recognise good work & effort, and good attitudes & behaviour.
  • Finding ways to retain our wide range of subjects, not all of which feature in the academic measures which are published, but which we believe to be in the best interests of our students by providing a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Focussing relentlessly on teaching and learning outcomes so that we can be assured that our students are getting the best opportunities we can provide for them.

Key Processes

To do this, a number of processes are being put in place, including:

  • Receiving accessible, clear and detailed data which makes clear where progress is good or better across all year groups, and where more work is needed to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Ensuring that the options process is sufficiently flexible to enable students to choose subjects they want to study including creative, technical and performing arts subjects.
  • Commissioning reports on key aspects of the school from senior leaders in the school, and when appropriate, looking for external verification of the school’s own judgements.


Meanwhile, we also wish to retain the existing strengths of the school. As highlighted in the recent report, these include:

  • A strong sixth form, that provides high level Key Stage 5 education;
  • An award-winning creative and performing arts department, that provides unique opportunities for student development; and
  • A culture in which students feel safe and secure, enabling them to focus on their studies.

Chair of Governors

Joanne Howlett – Chair of Governors

Governing Body

Camilla Bailey – Co-opted Governor
Fiona Edwards – Co-opted Governor

Margaret Hancock – Co-opted Governor
Jennifer Hydes – Co-opted Governor

Jonathan Tulip – Co-opted Governor

Sarah Jones – Co-opted Governor

Paul German – Headteacher
Amy Carson – Staff Governor

Vice Chairs

Meredith Bevan and Wendy Cairns – Joint Vice Chairs of Governors