House Drama 2017

An absolute highlight of the week, indeed the year was the annual House Drama competition which took
place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. After weeks of painstaking preparation the House teams
produced unique and wonderful work for audiences who were proud, impressed and enthralled. I cannot
commend the Sixth Form Captains and their teams of talented younger actors highly enough. I had high
hopes and they were exceeded! It is a clear example of the power of the house system; developing
leadership, building talent and above all giving students memorable experiences that will last them a life
time. Thank you also to my wonderful staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and especially, of
course, to the Drama team.
The individual student awards are:

  • Best actor: Archie Westland-Rose
  • Best supporting actor: Louis Double
  • Best actress: Sophie Green
  • Best supporting actress: Zoe Clarke
  • Best team player: Muaz Zaman

Great performances all round, but particular congratulations to the victors of House Drama 2017 –
Nightingale House!