Year 11 – The GCSE Experience

What a great start from our Year 11s this year. Determined to help them understand the path to success we’ve launched an easy to use monthly planner to show students what will be happening each month with key milestones. They’re put up as posters around the school but if you didn’t quite catch the detail then why not take a look here…

Year 10 Parents Information Evening 2018

Thanks to the 100+ families who joined us on Thursday 13 September 2018 for our Y10 parents information evening. We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful to attend! If you weren’t able to be there all of the resources from the day are here for you to download and view in your own time…

Main presentation:

Year 10 Open Evening – 2018

Work Experience Prezi:


Year 10 Parent Exams Info booklet

GCSEpod Guide and Parent support:

thumbnail of How_to_support_your_child thumbnail of Parent_Quick_Start_Guide

Start times for Wednesday 5th September 2018:

Start times on Wed 5th Sep:

  • 8.45 Year 7 Arrive/Induction (Main Hall)
  • 9.15 Year 12 Arrive/Induction
  • 10.00 Year 10 Arrive/Induction
  • 11.00 Year 8,9,11 Arrive/Induction
  • 13.00 Year 13 Arrive/Induction
  • 13.30 Teaching starts for all years (except Year 7 due to their individual timetable and Year 12)