This past year has been incredible, exciting, inspiring and sometimes challenging. But the main thing that has stood out to me at Yateley School was the people and the teachers there. At this school my friends understand me and like me for who I am and my personality. At my last school I didn’t have many friends. When I first started Yateley the thing that worried me was finding true friends but as soon as I started, I began to worry less, grow more independent, feel more excited and that was all because I had found these amazing people who liked me and wanted to be my friend.

In Yateley School, teamwork and independence was crucial for our first year at this inspiring school and it has really helped me develop my communication and learning. This school is full of amazing and helpful students but it is also bursting with loyal, dependable, fair staff who will always look out for you as well as being a positive teacher.  I believe in this school, anything is achievable and you should work with the people around you. In Yateley School you grow and learn from your own experiences and mistakes and they help you make you think about your own actions and thoughts.

Yateley school gives you so much and makes you know about the typical aspect like schoolwork but also helps you remember things about life and the topics in classes that link to everyday things and events that have happened in the past. When you are in the capable hands of the strong community in Yateley school then you think about your future as someone and you know about who you could become and the ways that you could help people. Yateley school is an inspiration in my eyes and I will give it my all and everything.

Eliska Elliott – 7PS

My First Year at Yateley School

This year was my first year at Yateley School. I have enjoyed it, I have made a lot of new friends, kept old ones and made lasting memories forever. One of the best things in Yateley is being able to move from class to class because in primary school you’re sat in a chair with the same classmates, same teacher, whereas in Yateley School you’re so much more free.

Good things about Yateley:

  • Canteen Food
  • Dance
  • Devices
  • Different surroundings
  • Design Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Library
  • Drama
  • Rock Challenge

I found that people rely on you a lot more and there is so much trust given to you. Along with that comes responsibility and independence. I like the independence especially having your own books. Form time is one thing I find rather enjoyable. When I first started Yateley I thought that I was going to be given a load of homework and forget; but that would never happen because they use a website called Show My Homework which really helps you to work efficiently. But as well as that you can write homework in your planners. Yateley School has had a lasting effect on me and will always stick with me.

House Drama

In my opinion, one of the best things about Yateley School are all the house events, especially the ones run by Sixth Form or Year 11 students. For example, House Dance, House Music or House Sports events. But I especially enjoyed House Drama – a drama piece put together by some of our Sixth Form students with main characters, chorus and story line. We also had a small bit of homework to practice our lines or bring in suitable props for the drama piece. I also liked the facts that the sixth formers and year 11 students were very fair on stage time and lines and are very creative.

The school also encourages students, especially year 7s, to take part in extracurricular activities like these to support your house. It is just great fun after all – that is what extracurricular activities are for. If that is not good enough, then you get domino’s pizza and an awards ceremony. You even get to perform in front of your parents and the teachers, but overall all I need to say is that it was a fantastic experience.

My Yateley Experience

I was nervous when I first came to Yateley. It was busier than my last school and much bigger. I had a whole new timetable and was in a form filled with strangers. Starting off the year was equally exciting and worrying, but as it went on it turned out to be incredible. This was due to the amazing teachers and staff, that made all the other students and I feel welcome, and the older children who were willing to lend a hand if you wanted anything or got lost and needed directions – which happened to me a lot!

Although it was scary moving to Yateley, I am glad that I did. There is so much more freedom than in my primary school, and you get to be as independent as you like whilst also being able to make mistakes and ask for help. It’s also kind of funny when you go from being at the top of a school to being at the bottom in the next. It reminds you that you are still young and still have lots to learn, and Yateley is more than willing to guide you all the way back to the top in year 11.

The year has been exciting, inspiring and at some points challenging. I have managed to make lots of new friends that have guided me throughout the year and have made memories that will last a life time. With being able to join a number of clubs and participating in a range of lessons, at Yateley the possibilities are endless.

Cobi Shambrook – 7WN

Music and drama at Yateley School has had a lasting effect on my life

When I first joined Yateley School, I had no idea what it would be like. Everything seemed so big and scary to me, that I didn’t know what would be in store. But, as I settled in, I found out this wasn’t so. There are so many extracurricular activities to do that everyone could find their joy in something. My joy was drama and music. The music department, first of all, have been very supportive and allowed me to join in with the orchestra, jazz band, instrument ensembles and House Music. They also introduced me to the saxophone, and I am also having piano and singing lessons. The music department is full of opportunity!!

Drama was also a great opportunity for me to get involved. I took part in the main school production (playing Briggita in the Sound of Music) and in House Drama. I love taking part in drama because it makes me work together with others and play different roles. I hope to take part in these things once more next year! Thank you Yateley School for supporting me and giving me so many opportunities!

Kezia Chacko – 7DS

My Yateley School Musical Experience

This is my musical experience. At about half way through the year my amazing music teacher Mrs Pejovic said I was making good progress, as was the rest of my class. Whilst having this conversation, she told me that I would be good playing a woodwind instrument. The very first thing that came to my head was the saxophone.

She had inspired me and the rest of the students in my form. Because of the help through my teacher and the rest of the music department, I now am learning the saxophone. Because of this experience, and my many helpful lessons, I now play in the school orchestra (which is fun but challenging). As the days go on, I now grow eager to learn a bigger variety of instruments thanks to my teachers and the support of my friends.

Jack Furneaux – 7DS