This past year has been incredible, exciting, inspiring and sometimes challenging. But the main thing that has stood out to me at Yateley School was the people and the teachers there. At this school my friends understand me and like me for who I am and my personality. At my last school I didn’t have many friends. When I first started Yateley the thing that worried me was finding true friends but as soon as I started, I began to worry less, grow more independent, feel more excited and that was all because I had found these amazing people who liked me and wanted to be my friend.

In Yateley School, teamwork and independence was crucial for our first year at this inspiring school and it has really helped me develop my communication and learning. This school is full of amazing and helpful students but it is also bursting with loyal, dependable, fair staff who will always look out for you as well as being a positive teacher.  I believe in this school, anything is achievable and you should work with the people around you. In Yateley School you grow and learn from your own experiences and mistakes and they help you make you think about your own actions and thoughts.

Yateley school gives you so much and makes you know about the typical aspect like schoolwork but also helps you remember things about life and the topics in classes that link to everyday things and events that have happened in the past. When you are in the capable hands of the strong community in Yateley school then you think about your future as someone and you know about who you could become and the ways that you could help people. Yateley school is an inspiration in my eyes and I will give it my all and everything.

Eliska Elliott – 7PS