Music and drama at Yateley School has had a lasting effect on my life

When I first joined Yateley School, I had no idea what it would be like. Everything seemed so big and scary to me, that I didn’t know what would be in store. But, as I settled in, I found out this wasn’t so. There are so many extracurricular activities to do that everyone could find their joy in something. My joy was drama and music. The music department, first of all, have been very supportive and allowed me to join in with the orchestra, jazz band, instrument ensembles and House Music. They also introduced me to the saxophone, and I am also having piano and singing lessons. The music department is full of opportunity!!

Drama was also a great opportunity for me to get involved. I took part in the main school production (playing Briggita in the Sound of Music) and in House Drama. I love taking part in drama because it makes me work together with others and play different roles. I hope to take part in these things once more next year! Thank you Yateley School for supporting me and giving me so many opportunities!

Kezia Chacko – 7DS