My Yateley Experience

I was nervous when I first came to Yateley. It was busier than my last school and much bigger. I had a whole new timetable and was in a form filled with strangers. Starting off the year was equally exciting and worrying, but as it went on it turned out to be incredible. This was due to the amazing teachers and staff, that made all the other students and I feel welcome, and the older children who were willing to lend a hand if you wanted anything or got lost and needed directions – which happened to me a lot!

Although it was scary moving to Yateley, I am glad that I did. There is so much more freedom than in my primary school, and you get to be as independent as you like whilst also being able to make mistakes and ask for help. It’s also kind of funny when you go from being at the top of a school to being at the bottom in the next. It reminds you that you are still young and still have lots to learn, and Yateley is more than willing to guide you all the way back to the top in year 11.

The year has been exciting, inspiring and at some points challenging. I have managed to make lots of new friends that have guided me throughout the year and have made memories that will last a life time. With being able to join a number of clubs and participating in a range of lessons, at Yateley the possibilities are endless.

Cobi Shambrook – 7WN