Ofsted – been and gone!

What a difference a week makes… When I wrote to you last week, we were anticipating an Ofsted inspection in the not too distant future. We’ve now had the inspection and lived to tell the tale! It was a gruelling two days, but led and managed by a strong, thoughtful and positive team of inspectors. You will no doubt be aware that I am not permitted to disclose the outcome of the inspection until after publication of the report (probably in about three weeks). This is because the document has legal status and needs to be quality assured first. Suffice it to say that we are very pleased with the inspection and believe that it allows us to move forward securely and confidently towards a great future. The inspectors recognised the quality, strength and depth of our students, staff and community and were very fair in their analysis. They’ve recognised the improvements that have been made and the extent to which this is embedded. As a community you have been brilliant and I am very proud of our school. Now we can get on with the real work of improving the community we serve!
Mr P German