Curriculum By Subject

If you are interested in viewing our Curriculum Offer by subject (showing KS3-KS5 where applicable) then please find out more here. Each subject also features its own “Progress Grid” helps parents and students see the skills and knowledge required to reach particular grades in those subject areas.

KS5 (Sixth Form)

KS5 (The majority of students go on to study at our Yateley Sixth Form College. More than 30 courses are offered at AS, A2, BTEC, GCSE and Diploma level. Full details of sixth form courses are published in our Sixth Form prospectus which also gives an insight into the opportunities and additional activities available to our senior students. Please visit the ‘Sixth Form‘ section for more info.

KS3 Differentiation

Students in Band A (Achievement) will follow the programme above in all subjects (except ICT) for three years (Key Stage 3) before moving on to the Key Stage 4 GCSE and BTEC courses in Year 10.

Students in Band E (Extension) will follow the Key Stage 3 curriculum for two years only in English, Mathematics and Science, before embarking on the GCSE courses in these subjects at the start of Year 9. All other subjects (except ICT) will be taught over 3 years as in Band A.