Inevitably shoe manufacturers develop and market as school shoes, styles which circumnavigate our description of what is acceptable for our uniform i.e. introducing informal style, leather, black pumps and it can be confusing as to which are acceptable. If you are not certain based on our guidance then please do contact the school.

Sixth Form

Although there is no prescribed school dress for the Sixth Form, sixth formers are expected to dress in a way which would be acceptable to a member of staff.


All students at Yateley School, other than the Sixth Form, wear distinctive clothing in order to promote a feeling of community and to prevent rivalry between students seeking to out-dress each other.


A student wearing incorrect shoes will be required to wear black plimsolls for the duration of the school day.  At the end of the day the incorrect shoes will be exchanged for the plimsolls.  If there is a medical reason for incorrect footwear, please send in a letter.


Please help us to keep to our high standard of dress by ensuring that you buy the correct uniform for your child and that he/she wears it to school every day. Please make sure also that all items of clothing and equipment are clearly and indelibly marked, so that lost property can easily be returned to its owner.

Lost Property

Please remember to label your child’s uniform, PE kit and belongings, so that lost property may be quickly returned to its owner. If your child loses an item of property, he or she should first try to find it by returning to classrooms, the sports hall or gymnasium to see if it has been left there. Failing this, your son or daughter should go to reception to ask if it has been handed in.