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ICT & Computer Science

In ICT/Computing you'll understand how computers work and develop your information technology skills to support all of the curriculum.


Science will help you understand how everything works: our place, impact, role and responsibilities in the Universe as a whole.


In Maths we seek to challenge students to build logical, independent thinking skills, enabling a strong mathematical foundation for life.


English support students in help students becoming skilful communicators by reading and analysing fiction and non-fiction texts.


PSHE helps students make wise and well-informed decisions about their own lives and society in modern-Britain and as global citizens.


In Music students will develop their instrumental and vocal skills whilst exploring how various cultures have shaped a wide range of musical styles and traditions.

Design Technology

Design Technology students will produce amazing outcomes using a range of materials and techniques that are unique to Design Technology

Food Technology

Design students take risks or chances in their design; secure in the knowledge that failure is possible but a critical step in archiving eventual success.

Modern Foreign Languages

MFL provides a rich and varied experience of languages which enables all pupils to develop their linguistic ability and confidence!


History provides students with an international and British understanding of how the past has shaped the present and our world today.


Geography will stimulate an interest and sense of wonder about the world. We want students to make sense of the complex and dynamic world we live in.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies engages, inspires, challenges and encourages pupils to answer challenging philosophical, religious and ethical questions.

Physical Education

PE enthuses and encourages students to participate in physical activities. You'll engage in a range of sports and understand how our bodies works.


Dance helps promote a culture of creativity! Students will learn how to perform and choreograph using a variety of styles, themes and approaches.


Drama gives an appreciation of Theatre in our culture. Students will develop their performances, presentation and teamwork skills.


Art is about individual creativity. We aim to help students understand the visual world and communicate their own reaction to it.

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