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A-Level – Sociology

Studying Sociology at A Level provides students with a view of the social world which encourages them to analyse issues such as: racism, sexism, homophobia and social class inequalities. Students begin by looking at how family life in the UK has evolved. Students will be able to identify themselves in this unit of A level, as the UK today is a diverse, advanced, society and the make-up of different family types reflects this. Students will go on to analyse issues within education, again looking at: class, race and gender. Crime and Deviance will look at sociological explanations for why crime occurs and how it is controlled. Students will become aware of their own sociological imagination through the study of research methods. Overall studying Sociology at A level should enable students to see their world in a different, clearer, way. It is a subject that adapts to various careers and is very useful for anything involving human interaction.