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At Yateley School we aim to deliver a quality curriculum that provides a broad, balanced and flexible programme of study, enabling every student to become a successful learner, confident individual and responsible citizen. We offer a curriculum which aims to personalise learning by providing every student with the challenge and motivation to develop their individual abilities and talents to the full.

Teaching Group Arrangements

As students enter the school they are placed into one of two ability bands (A – Achievement or E – Extension) based on Key Stage 2 test results, teacher assessment and recommendations from the feeder primary school. During the first half term further teacher assessment and testing will take place to ensure students have been placed in the appropriate band. Many subjects including Mathematics, Sciences and Language will further set according to ability within the bands, others prefer to teach within mixed ability groups within the two bands.

During Year 7 both bands will follow the same curriculum (see following) albeit at a level and pace most suited to their ability and needs. Movement between sets is possible and determined by a student’s progress. This is constantly monitored through continuous assessment, testing, examinations and regular reviews of progress.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 and 8 all students will follow a common curriculum:

Physical Education
PSHE (Citizenship)
Religious Studies
French (Spanish/Latin introduced in Year 8)
Design Technology (Resistant Materials, Food/Graphics/Textiles)
Learning to Learn programme

Students in Band A (Achievement) will follow this programme in all subjects (except ICT) for three years (Key Stage 3) before moving on to the Key Stage 4 GCSE and BTEC courses in Year 10.

Students in Band E (Extension) will follow the Key Stage 3 curriculum for two years only in English, Mathematics and Science, before embarking on the GCSE courses in these subjects at the start of Year 9. All other subjects (except ICT) will be taught over 3 years as in Band A.

ICT will be taught at Key Stage 3 to all students for two years (7 and 8) before starting the GCSE courses in Year 9.

Some students who have been identified as needing extra support to boost their literacy skills will be placed in our Access group within the Achievement Band. This group will follow the same curriculum as all other students in Year 7 but will benefit from small class sizes, additional staffing and a greater focus on literacy in lessons.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 our curriculum aims to be as flexible as possible in order to meet the needs, abilities and aspirations of all our students.

Band E (Extension) will start Key Stage 4 in the core subjects at the start of Year 9 and Band A (Achievement) at the start of Year 10.

All students follow a common core of:

English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
Mathematics (and additional Mathematics for Band E) GCSE
Science (single, double or triple depending on the Band) GCSE or BTEC
Physical Education
Personal, Social and Health Education including: work related learning and Religious Education.

In addition, students are able to follow four personalised pathways:

Non specialist, specialist, work related and vocational

Students can choose four additional options from a range of over 24 GCSE and BTEC courses including:

Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Textiles, Performing Arts, PE, Sport and Leisure.
Graphics, Resistant Materials, Food and Nutrition, Catering
History, Geography, Religious Studies
French, Spanish, Latin
Computer Studies, Business Studies, Media, Child Care, Study Plus
Critical Thinking

Full details of the Key Stage 4 programmes are published annually in our ‘Upper School Course’ booklet.

Key Stage 5 – the Sixth Form

The majority of students go on to study at our Yateley Sixth Form College. More than 30 courses are offered at AS, A2, BTEC, GCSE and Diploma level. Full details of sixth form courses are published in our Sixth Form prospectus, which also gives an insight into the opportunities and additional activities available to our senior students.


Homework is an important and integral part of the students’ learning experience. It gives them the opportunity to demonstrate understanding, to practise and reinforce skills learnt in the classroom and allows them to work independently and develop study skills. At the beginning of each year, all students are given a homework timetable, which outlines the homework requirements. All students also have a student planner where they must record all homework tasks on a daily basis. Parents are asked to check that homework is completed.

For Key Stage 3 students the average amount of time varies from 1 to 1.5 hours. Key Stage 4 students should expect to spend an average of 1.5 to 2.5 hours per night on homework.

Full details of our Homework policy, procedures and tariff can be found on the VLE.

Gifted and Talented at Yateley School

At Yateley School, we are keen to support all our students in their school career. This includes the students who display a gift and/or talent, for either a specific curriculum area, or indeed, across a number of areas.

Currently students are identified as gifted and talented in one (or more) of three ways: a very high CAT score as recognised through testing in Years 7 and 9; notification from Hampshire County Council that a student achieved within the top 10% of students in their SATs examinations; subject identification by staff.

In order to ensure that our work develops stretches, engages and challenges students, we work closely with other schools and education establishments to ensure an innovative and consistent approach to supporting students. This includes work carried out at other Schools and Colleges such as the Year 8 Challenge Day which last year we were the successful overall winners and our Murder Mystery Forensics day (for Year 10 students).

The Gifted and Talented Programme is an ever growing and developing one and provides exciting opportunities for students across all year groups. It is designed to help students recognise their successes and achievements and to aspire to be the best that they can – no matter where their gift or talent lies.



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